Levin: Mueller Destroyed Mike Flynn's Life Like the Mob Would Do


On Friday's edition of the nationally syndicated Mark Levin Show, Mark argued that the guilty plea from Mike Flynn proves one thing: There are no charges of collusion with the Russians.

MARK LEVIN: So to recap, today's news: There is no collusion with the Russians. No collusion today, no collusion yesterday, no collusion the day before yesterday. Mr. Mueller hasn't brought a single charge related to collusion with the Russians... before the election, he hasn't brought a single charge related to collusion with the Russians to influence the election.

Number two, Mr. Comey (FBI director at the time) passed on false statements charges against Mike Flynn, because he didn't think he was intentionally lying," he explained.

Somebody very close to Mike Flynn told Fox News he pled because he was emotionally broken, financially broken, and his family said enough. Which was exactly what Mr. Mueller was out to do. Destroy the man, and then have him dance on his finger. And now he has him tied around his finger, like the mob would do.

We have charges in this investigation with Mr. Manafort and Gates related to failure to file as federal agents, charges that are almost never brought. We have charges on tax violations without bringing any tax evasion charges. We have false statement pleas, with [George Papadopolous]... we have it now with Mike Flynn. That's it, that's all there is. Contact with foreign governments by an incoming administration. It is not illegal, it is not criminal, in any sense. Those conversations, to the extent that they took place, Mr. Mueller has access to, as a result of the constant, as we've learned over the past many months due to leaks, the constant espionage that goes on in terms of the ambassador to Russia and others. So they know what was discussed. And yet there is no charge of collusion, they know it was discussed, but there is no collusion charge, no substantive, underlying criminal charge.

Despite all the static, all the jumping up and down... what Mr. Mueller has demonstrated today, with the information that he has put out in open court, and leaked out through his surrogates, what Mr. Mueller has demonstrated today is he has no collusion case against anyone. He went after the former campaign chairman, it has nothing to do with crimes associated with collusion.

Now, Flynn has pled to false statements with the FBI, nothing to do with collusion. And now we need to know who told Flynn to talk to the Russians, among other foreign governments. What does that matter? The contacting of the Russian ambassador or Russian officials is perfectly legitimate!

This special prosecutor isn't so special," he said. "And these hatchet men that he has hired, Obama and Clinton supporters, have brought not a single case related to collusion, not a single case related to any crimes related to collusion. Nothing, zero. Cases involving taxes, foreign reporting, lying -- but nothing, zero [about collusion].

What the media should be reporting is: Mr. Mueller doesn't have a collusion case!" he said. "Are they going to go after Kushner for telling Flynn to contact the Russians, and maybe he forgot to tell the FBI or something... this whole thing is pathetic, absolutely pathetic.

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