Elizabeth Warren Reveals Last-Minute Handwritten Additions To Senate Tax Plan


On Friday night before the Senate voted on the Republican tax plan, Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren revealed the handwritten additions added to the bill at the last minute.

"The Republicans think they can cram through a tax bill that will affect every family in America, every business in America," she said in a web video in the hours before the vote. "And they can do it by just jamming through a bunch of paper and telling everybody to go vote on it."

"Here's what else they've done. They're sending around their edits as we speak. Edits!" she said, holding up the page with unreadable legislation written in pen.

"Let me just give you one," she said. "Section 13, 543: Modification of treatment of S Corporations [so-called pass-through tax entity] conversions to C Corporations. Add: A - adjustments attributable from conversions from S corporatio- It is cut off. to corporations. Section 482 is amended by adding [unreadable] again it is all cut off."

She unsuccessfully tried to read the handwritten additions. "And the Republicans think that's how you make tax policy, late on a Friday night. Don't let anybody read it, just cram through what you want to cram through. And why? Because they know they've got what they mostly needed: The payoff for big Republican donors. Whatever else it does to hard working families, to this economy, they don't care. They just want to vote this thing through and pay off their donors."

"This is not right," she said. "This is not how we should be making laws in America. Shame on Republicans."

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