Tim Kaine: Mike Flynn Will Get "Benefit Of A Fair Legal Process" That He Was Unwilling To Give To Hillary Clinton


Via CBS News -- Sen. Tim Kaine speaks out about the latest news from Robert Mueller's probe into the 2016 election: the guilty plea of former top Trump adviser Michael Flynn.

Flynn pleaded guilty Friday morning after being charged with lying to the FBI about two conversations he had with the Russian ambassador in December 2016 -- after the election but before Flynn took his position as national security adviser.

"I'm not surprised," the senator said in a Capitol Hill hallway after hearing the news. "At least on the quick report of the charge, it seemed clear to me that he had made a lot of misstatements to a lot of people.

Kaine says it is "frightening" Flynn served as national security adviser for the first few weeks of the Trump administration. "As the key foreign policy adviser to the president. He wanted to be briefed about the classified [briefings] during the campaign. Flynn was in the room with [Trump]. So this is not a low-level functionary, this someone who was at the highest level of the campaign."

Michael Flynn "will get the benefit of a fair legal process he was unwilling to accord to anybody else," Kaine said about Flynn's calls for his running mate, Hillary Clinton, to be "locked up."

"He would not give the benefir of a fair legal process to anybody else, but he gets the fair legal process," Kaine said. "Whether there are additional potential charges, or how he handles himself in this process. He will get the benefit of a fair legal process he was unwilling to accord to anybody else."

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