Chris Matthews: Flynn Pleads Guilty To "Minimal Possible Charge," Which Implies He Made A Deal


Michael Flynn is expected to plead guilty to lying to the FBI regarding meetings he had with the Russian ambassador in December 2016. MSNBC's Chris Matthews speaks on the speculations that this charge suggests that Michael Flynn might be cooperating with the Special Counsel.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I think this is the progression we all saw coming, and it has come. A day of judgment, perhaps, for the president. The fact that the general is willing to take one count for not giving a factual statement to the FBI, it is probably the minimal charge they could have given him, which suggests a deal. That he is going to get off lightly, his son is going to get off lightly, in exchange for testimony which is helpful to the prosecution of Mueller, by Mueller.

So I think this is what we've been watching take place, this working their way up the flagpole to the top...

This whole operation here: The Turkish accounts, the failure [to register] with FARA, the foreign agents registration, all these failures to comply with the law, normally would be treated as misdemeanors, but in this case everything -- every time something happens, it is either throw the book at the guy or let him off if he pays ball. This certainly has the earmarks of let him off if he plays ball.

One count of not giving an accurate statement to an FBI agent, that is probably the minimal charge they could have given to Gen. Flynn. Everyone is watching him because he is watching his son and thinking, 'I'm not bringing my son down with me.'

And Meuler has got one goal. That is to prosecute the collusion, if it occurred, between the Trump administration and campaign and the Russians. That is his goal, or corollary to that, and kind of obstruction of justice on that case.

So we know the direction he is going. Mueller didn't take this incredible challenge without a clear direction in mind, his clear direction is prosecution. By the way, I have never met a special counsel that did not intend to prosecute. That's what they do. They're assigned to a particular target, and they target it.

In this case, I believe it is the president.

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