Whistleblower: Had Clinton's Emails Been Released There Would Have Been Harm to National Security


Whistleblower Charles McCullough speaks to FOX News' Catherine Herridge, in an interview aired on the Wednesday broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight, about the "top secret material" on Hillary Clinton's private server.

"An Obama appointee in the federal government says, he was marginalized and even threatened by his superiors simply because he tried to raise the alarm about classified information that resided on Hillary Clinton's private e-mail server," Carlson introduced the exclusive interview conducted by Herridge.

Transcript, via FOX News:

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: Well, there is exclusive new information tonight on an investigator who says he was targeted for raising the alarm about top secret material that resided on Hillary Clinton's email server. A whistle blower in other words under attack. He is here next ...

CARLSON: An Obama appointee in the federal government says, he was marginalized and even threatened by his superiors simply because he tried to raise the alarm about classified information that resided on Hillary Clinton's private e-mail server.

Our Catherine Herridge has that exclusive tonight.


CHARLES MCCULLOUGH, INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY INSPECTOR GENERAL: There was personal blowback, to me, to my family, to my office.

CATHERINE HERRIDGE, FOX NEWS CHIEF INTEL CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Few people know more about the Clinton emails and the -- McCullough, the former internal watchdog for the U.S. Intelligence Community.

(on camera): What should the American public know about those 22 top secret Clinton e-mails?

MCCULLOUGH: I've heard people say this is overblown. I've heard people say, this has much to do about nothing. Had the information been released?

There would have been harm to national security.

HERRIDGE: So, putting lives at risk.

MCCULLOUGH: Absolutely, sources and methods, lives, operations.

HERRIDGE (voice-over): Speaking exclusively to FOX, McCullough says, he talked to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper about the year before the presidential election. The intelligence agencies had just found their classified information in the Clinton emails.

MCCULLOUGH: He read through this affidavits very thoroughly and he said, this is extremely reckless and he mentioned something about the campaign would have, will have heartburn about that or something.

HERRIDGE: Shortly after McCullough says, his team was marginalized.

(on camera): You felt you were on your own?

MCCULLOUGH: I was totally on my own and I was told by senior officials, keep the director out of it.

HERRIDGE (voice-over): You drafted this letter in January, 2016.

MCCULLOUGH: Sure it is.

HERRIDGE: In the letter, McCullough told Congress that emails beyond top secret passed through the former secretary of state's unsecured personal server.

MCCULLOUGH: All of a sudden, I became a shield of the right. I was told by members of Congress, be careful you are losing your credibility. There are people up against you.

HERRIDGE: By February, 2016, Clinton campaign emails released by Wikileaks suggests McCullough was a target.

MCCULLOUGH: I think there were certainly a coordinated strategy. The fact I've, not only think it, I think it very much so.

HERRIDGE: Based on evidence.


HERRIDGE: Even though the FBI email investigation was far from complete.

The Clinton campaign nailed down its talking point.

(on camera): Was there an effort to deliberately mislead the public about the classified emails?

MCCULLOUGH: Absolutely. There was an effort certainly on the part of the campaign to mislead people and to think, there was nothing to see here.

The thing that disappointed me the most was the President saying --

BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: There's classified and then there is classified.

MCCULLOUGH: A lot of people in the Intel community spent a lot of time keeping secrets. And to sort of inject that sense of confusion into people I don't think was altogether responsible.

HERRIDGE: And Election Day approached, McCullough says, the threats went further singling him out in another senior government email investigator.

(on camera): You were given a warning?

MCCULLOUGH: I was told that we would be the first two to be fired with her administration that that was definitely going to happen.

HERRIDGE: Is that how we supposed to be?

MCCULLOUGH: No, I was in this context a whistleblower. I was explaining to Congress, I was doing exactly what the head expected me to do. And all of the sudden I was the enemy.

HERRIDGE (voice-over): More than 2100 classified emails passed through Clinton's personal server and to this day, no one is accountable.

(on camera): If had you done this, what would happen to you?

MCCULLOUGH: I would be sitting in Leavenworth right now.


HERRIDGE: I asked the spokesman for the Clinton campaign, the office of the senior Senate Democrat as well as the former director of National Intelligence for comment but there was no immediate response. McCullough recently retired after 26 years of government service. He told FOX News today that he is grateful now to tell his story -- Tucker.

CARLSON: And that is the story. Catherine Herridge, thank you very much for that.

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