Dershowitz: Trump Team Not "Aggressive" Enough With Robert Mueller


Alan Dershowitz said special counsel Robert Mueller has exceeded the scope of his investigation and that the Trump administration should be more "aggressive" with him. He said Flynn, legally, is "up for sale" and his "credibility is worthless" since he has been accused of perjury. He said Flynn's legal team is pretty much saying Flynn is open to accepting a pardon and if not then he is "available" to make a deal with Mueller.

"I think the administration is not aggressive enough with Mueller," the legal eagle told Laura Ingraham on her FOX News program. "They should be in court challenging what Mueller has been doing," Dershowitz said on the Fox News show. "He is going so far beyond any possible scope of his investigation. For example, there were reports ... that they were investigating whether or not Jared Kushner tried to get the United States to change its policy toward Israel — the resolution condemning Israel for occupying the Western Wall, the holiest place in Judaism. Let's assume that Jared Kushner did that. He should be praised for it. There is nothing criminal about that. What is Mueller doing investigating whether or not somebody during the transition was trying to influence American foreign policy to the benefit of the American people?"

"So I think the Trump administration ought to be more aggressive in challenging the scope of this investigation, challenging subpoenas, challenging who is called as witnesses. This is supposed to be an investigation about whether or not there was illegal, unlawful collusion with Russia. Collusion itself is not a crime. But now what they are doing is going after people for what is the equivalent of jaywalking. Did they sign the right form? Did they include this in the form? That's all in an attempt to try to squeeze them into testifying against the Oval Office," Dershowitz said.

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