McConnell: "Almost Certain" Roy Moore Will Have An Ethics Issue In Senate If Elected; Won't Rule Out Expulsion


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell talked to FOX News host Laura Ingraham about Alabama Republican candidate for Senate Roy Moore and what he should expect if he wins the special election. McConnell said Moore would certainly face an ethics investigation and would not rule out expulsion from the Upper Chamber. Watch the full interview below the transcript.

INGRAHAM: Let’s move on to some other issues because there’s a lot going on in the country right now on a whole bunch of front. The Alabama Senate race taken up a lot of oxygen in the political, you know, landscape. He’s up now on the poll five percent You -- you favor Luther Strange. A lot of money went into supporting Luther Strange; he didn’t win. Roy Moore won; actually supported Mo Brooks, but Roy Moore won.

And now, of course, all these allegations against him, you said he should step aside. He may very well win this election. What does that say about your influence in the Senate, your influence? Does it have any implications for you? He wants to unseat you, he says.

MCCONNELL: Well, President Trump and I were on the same side. We both supported Luther Strange even though he supported Mo Brooks. The people of Alabama decided to go in a different direction. And on December the 12th, they’ll get to decide who they want to send to the Senate and we’ll deal with that when that happens.

INGRAHAM: So if that happens, there still are senators who say we could vote to expel him from the U.S. Senate. But what does that say to the state of Alabama? They -- they’ve heard all the arguments. And I know you said you believe the women who came forward. I tend to think some of them are -- are credible as well. The people of Alabama are hearing it all.

MCCONNELL: They’re -- they’re going to make the decision in Alabama and will deal --

INGRAHAM: So should you -- should you, in the Senate, then invalidate that by expelling him out that you (inaudible) vote.

MCCONNELL: We’ll deal with the aftermath. We’ll deal with the aftermath of the decision the people of Alabama make on December 12.

INGRAHAM: So you think it’s a possibility he could be expelled from the Senate.

MCCONNELL: I think there’s a possibility you’ll have an ethics issue and with that --

INGRAHAM: An ethics investigation once he gets here.

MCCONNELL: Yeah, I think it’s almost certain, yeah.

INGRAHAM: How far back will those allegations know? They go back like almost four decades.

MCCONNELL: It will be up to the committee.

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