Ted Cruz To Bernie Sanders: There Aren't Enough Millionaires To Pay For All Your Socialism


Speaking at CNN's town hall debate on tax reform, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said that when Sen. Bernie Sanders says "the rich" he means "the taxpayer."

"Democrats have one talking point on taxes," Cruz said. "It's a tax cut on the rich. And they say it over and over again in response to everything. The most important thing for you to know when you're at home is when they say rich, they mean taxpayer. Every time they say 'rich' they mean taxpayers."

"Why is this? Because there aren't enough of them."

"When Bernie ran for president, he rolled out a tax plan. His tax plan was a massive tax increase. If you took every single person in America making over a million dollars, and you taxed them 100% of their income, you took every penny they earned -- you came in in jackboots and confiscate it -- it would pay eight percent of the cost of Bernie's tax plan. You know where they get their money? They get it from you, the middle class."

"This isn't about taxing the rich, the Democrats want to tax the middle class," he said.

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