Cantwell: Cruz Trying To "Divide" Democrats By Asking Difference Between Democrat And Socialist


At CNN's debate on the GOP tax reform plan, Sen. Ted Cruz asks Sen. Maria Cantwell about the difference between a socialist and a Democrat.

TED CRUZ: Now, Bernie and I have done three of these debates. I like debating Bernie because he's honest, he's candid. He is a socialist. He admits he's a socialist. He wants to raise everyone's taxes. And so, Maria, I'd like to actually ask you a question that I asked Bernie last time, which is -- since this is a tax debate, what is the difference between a Democrat and a socialist on taxes?

CANTWELL: Well, you know, Ted, I really thought about this issue of you trying to divide the Democrats. But, you know, we're a big-tent party. And there's room for Bernie and there's room for me.

The difference is you guys keep trying to isolate your party. It used to be there was everywhere from Susan Collins to Jeff Sessions. But instead, you guys took on people like Dick Lugar. And guess what? We got Joe Donnelly. And then you put somebody out there in Missouri, and we got Claire McCaskill. So you keep narrowing your tent, and I'm fine with our big tent.

And so the issue here -- and I have two small-business people here from Seattle, a millennial, Michael, who's asked me what are we doing about the housing crisis, am I ever going to get out of my parents' basement and own my own home? And he's working hard in a sector that this bill is making harder for him to make his company competitive.

And another businessman, Joe, who says what are you doing to our economy if you're giving the big corporations a huge tax break and you're only giving us a smaller tax break? He's the job creator. He created jobs in the downturn of our economy and did so successfully. I want to make sure they are getting a fair deal.

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