Rick Wilson: Sarah Huckabee Sanders "Congenital Liar," Buries People In "Horseshit" Everyday


On a CNN panel Monday night GOP consultant Rick Wilson ripped White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for defending the "racial slur" 'Pocahontas' and burying reporters in an "avalanche of horseshit" everyday.

"How can Sarah Sanders stand there at the podium and slur, the president doesn't mean it as a slur, and then people -- oh, it's fake news, it's not a slur, why are you reporting on it? Of course the president didn't mean it that way. I mean come on, really?" CNN's Don Lemon asked.

"Don, the reason she does that is because her job is contingent upon her being a serial, congenital liar in defense of Donald Trump's latest outrages. I mean she probably has some tiny shriveled husk left of her soul where she realizes this is the wrong thing to do. But she does it anyway because she knows they'll replace her," Rick Wilson said.

"Few presidents go out and sling racial overt code words like that, few presidents go out and crap on the dignity and legacy of people like these code talkers, these heroic veterans, and then send their press secretary out to answer questions in a way that isn't saying, 'Wow, the president regrets what he said today. He made a mistake. He truly wishes he had not said that.' Instead she goes out and tries to bury people in an avalanche of horseshit everyday, because this is her job. I get that that's her job. I get that the White House press secretary has to defend the indefensible. But in very other few cases in our modern political history, has the White House press secretary had to go out and defend somebody who is slinging stuff that is demonstrably racially charged.

"Rick, your arguments as a critic of the president would be more cogent if you didn't make them so personal and angry," CNN political commentator Mark Shields responded.

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