Guy Benson: Congressional Sexual Harassment "Slush Fund" Is A "Self-Protection Racket"


On this week's edition of 'Fox News Sunday,' editor Guy Benson described the system by which Congress secretly pays victims of sexual harassment on Capitol Hill to settle workplace disputes as a "slush fund" and a "protection racket" for officeholding abusers.

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GUY BENSON, TOWNHALL.COM: I think when people talk about during this warm, it's hard to imagine something more swamp like than this, where our elected representatives can abuse their power, abuse subordinates and then secretly use a slush fund of our money to pay them off without any of the details ever being released. The fact that that is the current status quo is jaw-dropping I think to most taxpayers, and it's completely unacceptable. On its face, that cannot continue.

WALLACE: Do you think -- you know, again, I guess having been in Washington a long time, I’m always skeptical. Yes, they’re going to take a vote this week and mandatory sex harassment training for members and their staffers.

Do you think it will go further? Do you think that Congress will really clean up its act? That's not a rhetorical question.

BENSON: No, because it's a self protection racket. That’s the whole point of this. Both parties know that there are people in their ranks being shielded by the status quo. And it’s a numbers game, it's all about politics. So, they aren't necessarily keen on this.

So, the only way that it will happen is if the American people are angry enough in a sustained way to make sure that a bill comes to the floor and is voted on and is passed, and people who vote against it are shamed, because there aren't good reasons to vote no, I would view, at least on the transparency-minded bill.

(Video courtesy of 'The PolitiStick')

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