Santorum: "Very High Chance" Roy Moore Would Be Expelled From Senate


On Tuesday's broadcast of CNN Tonight, network contributor and former Senator Rick Santorum said he believes if Roy Moore is elected there is "a very high chance" he would face expulsion from the Senate.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN: If he wins, do you think that McConnell makes a move on him or do you think it's a practicality of math, they have the cover that the people have spoken and on we go?

FMR. SEN. RICK SANTORUM (R-PA): I think given the environment we are in right now it's going to be very difficult for any United States Senator to allow him to stay in the Senate without some sort of investigation. I think there will be an investigation. And if these claims are proven to be credible, I think it'll be very difficult for any Republican Senator particularly those up for re-election to not vote to expel him. I think there's a very high chance Roy Moore --

CUOMO: Really?

SANTORUM: Yeah. I think if Roy Moore gets elected, I think there's a very high chance that he would be expelled from the United States Senate. Look, there's the issue of the charges, there's just the issue of the brass politics of this, which is in this environment, again, where sexual harassment and the charges even worse that were made against Roy Moore with minors, for a man or woman to stand for election in 2018 and to allow someone with these allegations, if they check out -- and again, there will be an investigation by the Senate. I think it's an untenable position for most Senators to be in.

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