Conway on Supporting Roy Moore: "We Want The Votes" To Pass Tax Bill Through Senate


On FOX & Friends Monday morning, Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway would not encourage voters in Alabama to cast their ballot for Roy Moore, however, made it clear that a Republican is needed in the Senate to pass tax reform.

"Doug Jones in Alabama, folks don’t be fooled, he’ll be a vote against tax cuts. He’s weak on crime, weak on borders, he’s strong on raising your taxes, he’s terrible for property owners and Doug Jones is a doctrinaire liberal which is why he isn’t saying anything and why the media are trying to boost him," Conway said about the Democratic nominee in Alabama.

"So, vote Roy Moore?" FNC's Brian Kilmeade asked.

"I'm telling you that we want the votes in the Senate to get this tax bill through and the media, if the media were really concerned about all of these allegations, and that’s what this was truly about and the Democrats Al Franken would be on the ash heap of bygone half-funny comedians, he wouldn’t be here on Capitol Hill, he still has his job, what’s Bob Menendez doing back here, that’s the best my state of New Jersey can do?” Conway responded.

"But the RNC has withdrawn support for Roy Moore. Mitch McConnell has withdrawn support. The Young Republicans have withdrawn support," Kilmeade said.

"Right, and you know what, I just want everybody to know Doug Jones, nobody ever says his name and they pretend that he’s some kind of conservative democrat in Alabama and he’s not," she responded.

Conway also said President Trump will not campaign for Roy Moore.

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