Mick Mulvaney: Don't Repeal Individual Mandate If It Will Be An "Impediment" To Passing Tax Reform


WH budget director Mick Mulvaney said on CNN Sunday that President Trump would support taking out a repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate from current tax reform legislation if it became an "impediment" to passing the bill by the end of the year.

"If we can repeal part of Obamacare as part of a tax bill and have a tax bill that is still a good tax bill that can pass, that's great," Mulvaney said. "If it becomes an impediment to getting the best tax bill we can, then we're OK with taking it out. So I think it's up to the Senate and the House to sort of hammer out those details."

"As of now, do you think it's an impediment?" Tapper asked.

"I don't, actually … If they do get rid of this penalty, the folks who benefit from that are predominately folks who make less than $50,000 or $100,000 a year," he said.

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