Dem Rep. Jackie Speier: Bill Clinton's Victims "Should Have Been Believed"


California Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier said on CBS's 'Face The Nation' this Sunday that Bill Clinton's accusers from the 1990s "should have been believed."

JOHN DICKERSON: And as that cultural shift takes place, some people have argued, some Democrats and liberals have argued that a re-evaluation of Bill Clinton's presidency is required. What do you think about that in order to-- to be clear about what the new standard is and use, you know, elements from the past that are-- that are well-known?

REPRESENTATIVE JACKIE SPEIER: Well, first of all, let's remember that he did face impeachment. It wasn't as if it was just tossed to the side. He faced impeachment. I think that the victims who came forward were not treated as they should have been. They should have been believed because, as I pointed out, most people who come forward are telling the truth.

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