Sarah Sanders on Roy Moore Allegations: President Trump Is "Not A Voter In Alabama"


WH press secretary Sarah Sanders does not comment further on the president's thoughts regarding alleged pedophile and Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore:

QUESTION: Does the president believe Roy Moore's accusers or does he think Roy Moore should drop out of this race?

SANDERS: The president believes that these allegations are very troubling and should be taken seriously. And he thinks that the people of Alabama should make the decision on who their next senator should be.

QUESTION: So, that's a no? He thinks Roy Moore should stay in? SANDERS: The president said in his statement earlier this week that if the allegations are true, then that Roy Moore should step aside. He still firmly believes that.

QUESTION: How would the president like to see that truth proven?

SANDERS: Look, I'm not going to get into and litigate back and forth, but the president's been clear that if any of these allegations are true, allegations that he takes very seriously, finds very troubling, if those do happen to be true, then he should do the right thing and step aside.

QUESTION: Does the president believe the accusations themselves? That is to say the women themselves and their own credibility can be established outside (ph) of them making these allegations. What's the mechanism by which the president would be satisfied that the allegations are true?

SANDERS: Look, I don't think the president's laid out what the mechanisms are. That should be determined possibly by a court of law. But that's also something and a decision that the people of Alabama need to make, not the president, whether or not they want Roy Moore to support them in the Senate.

QUESTION: Sarah, Ivanka Trump says that she has no reason not to believe the women who have come forward. Does the president disagree with her decision?

SANDERS: The president's not disagreeing with anybody. He's saying that he finds the allegations to be extremely troubling. He doesn't know any more than you do on this fact, other than that these are something that should be taken very seriously, and that the people of Alabama should be the ones to make the decision on whether or not to support Roy Moore.

QUESTION: Thank you, Sarah.

Having the information that we have and the information that the people of Alabama have, would President Trump vote for Roy Moore?

SANDERS: The president's not a voter in Alabama so I ...

QUESTION: I know he's not, but he endorses candidates all the time and states that he's not a voter in, and he says I would vote for this person or I wouldn't. Would he vote Roy Moore?

SANDERS: I haven't asked him if he would vote for Roy Moore.

QUESTION: Would you get back to us on that?

SANDERS: We'll see.

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