Foster Friess: Even Bernie Sanders Would Support Price Transparency In Health Care


Businessman and GOP donor Foster Friess speaks with Fox Business Network's Neil Cavuto about, a campaign to require health care providers to publish prices:

NEIL CAVUTO: Real quickly on the Roy Moore situation. Mitch McConnell is telling him to step down right now. Go?

FOSTER FRIESS: Well, I'm torn with that because coming from a Christian heritage, something that someone did 40 years ago -- it is hard not to be forgiving. Look at all of our lives; I think forgiveness is the greatest thing Jesus brought our nation, but I'll leave that to Mitch McConnell.

I'm more interested in talking about something more significant like, Hop on there and figure out how we can get patients a seat at the table.

We're trying to promote a one-line -- and Sen. Bill Cassidy just said he is going to put it in. Ed Perlmutter, a House member on the Democratic side said we are going to require all providers of healthcare products and services (hospitals, doctors) to publish prices. Think of what that will mean?

I just talked to a lady who sent out a prescription, and it got fulfilled at Wal-Mart for $4. She said that same prescription at another pharmacy, she was dishing out $40 ten days ago.

Publishing prices is going to be a huge incremental step to move the health care ball down the field.

Paul Ryan just sent me an email this morning -- everyone in the House Republicans are for publishing prices, transparency, and you can find no one out here int he country, Bernie-ites, Hillary-ites, Trump-ites, who are not giving me high fives when I say let's publish prices.

CAVUTO: I would imagine Bernie is giving you a little lower high five than the others?

FRIESS: Ha ha, no he'd be for publishing prices. Why would he oppose it?

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