Van Jones: Roy Moore Sexual Abuse Charges Represent "Bannonism On Trial"


During CNN's 'State of the Union' panel, commentator Van Jones said that the choice to elect accused sexual predator Roy Moore as U.S. senator for Alabama would be a turning point for the Republican Party.

“He could" still win, Jones warned. "We haven’t mentioned [Brietbart chief and former Trump adviser] Steve Bannon in this. This is Bannonism trial."

"Bannon is trying to create this sense of an aggrieved identity, frankly, of a white aggrieved identity group that’s under siege by everybody," he continued. "And this is that in its worse form. So, you’re not supposed to vote as a father, you’re not supposed to vote as a woman. You’re supposed to vote as a member of this identity group against the world. And if that works, that is very, very bad for the Republican Party and it’s very, very bad for our country."

"At some point --I have not seen any reason not to believe these women- and so, other things have to matter other than this ultra-tribal — I think it’s a very good term — tribal identity politics growing in America at the expense of every other value," he added.

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