Scarborough, 'Morning Joe' Panel: Trump Was Cause Of "Tidal Wave" Of Democratic Wins On Tuesday


Scarborough: Trump Was Cause Of "Tidal Wave" Of Democratic Wins On Tuesday

MORNING JOE: Congressional Republicans largely brushed off the results of this week's elections, downplaying the president's impact on Republicans. The panel discusses the GOP response.

Scarborough commentary on Thursday's show:

JOE SCARBOROUGH, HOST: I think Paul Ryan is exactly right. They have to get things done. This has been a do-nothing Republican Congress. They've controlled all of Washington. They've delivered nothing. I don't know that that played really big in Virginia and across the country in the statewide races. I think, and we're going to have a guest on later on today, Patrick Ruffini, who has said that we pay too much attention to people that are down ballot. We look at their characteristics too much, something suggested in his Twitter feed that a bag of mulch just one the governship of Virginia. I think that's a little harsh for Ralph Northam. But the point was, that it really did all flow down from Donald Trump. He has offended two-thirds of Americans, he has offended women. He has offended a lot of independents.

MIKA: He's offensive in general. I mean, c'mon, around the world.

SCARBOROUGH: Well, there is no c'mon here. I'm not debating you. I'm saying, Donald Trump was the cause of the tidal wave. He was the earthquake that caused, well, we'll just say, Willie, that caused this tsunami. And those Republicans, you didn't expect them to come out and trash Donald Trump and most of them just were politely brushing away the questions. But there is no doubt behind the scenes... Republicans are fretting, because they know unless they are in a dark, dark red district in 2018, this is going to happen to them.

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