GOP Rep. Gaetz: "We Are At Risk Of A Coup," Mueller Must Resign Or Be Fired


Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) calls for the dismissal of special counsel Robert Mueller and a new special counsel that will investigate the Clinton Foundation and the Fusion GPS dossier.

"We are at risk of a coup d'etat in this country if we allow an unaccountable person with no oversight to undermine the duly-elected President of the United States," Gaetz said Wednesday on the House Floor. "And I would offer that is precisely what is happening right now with the indisputable conflicts of interest that are present with Mr. Mueller and others at the Department of Justice."

"I join my colleague, the gentleman from Arizona, in calling for Mr. Meueller's resignation or his firing," he said.

"Moreover, we absolutely have to see that the Department of Justice appoint a special counsel to look into the Clinton Foundation, the Uranium One deal, and the Fusion GPS dossier that I will now have the opportunity to discuss," Gaetz said.

Gaetz explains further on One America News Network:

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