Tucker Carlson vs. Donna Brazile On DNC Servers: Why Didn't DNC Turn Everything Over To FBI?


Tucker Carlson grilled Donna Brazile on why the Democratic Party Committee didn't hand over their servers to the FBI to investigate after they were apparently hacked by the Russian government. Data and emails obtained from the hack reportedly were leaked by WikiLeaks.

The DNC gave a copy of what was on the servers to federal investigators but not the physical servers themselves.

Transcript, via FOX News:

CARLSON: Let me ask you quickly about the Russians, you have a lot in the book about that, and your concerns about hacking the servers over at the DNC. If you believe the Russians did that, why didn't the Democratic national committee allow the FBI to examine those servers? Why were they given over to a vendor and not the U.S. government investigators?

BRAZILE: You know, that is a great question, and let me tell you, it's in the book as well. When the DNC officer, who was Debbie Wasserman Schultz, when it was brought to her attention, she immediately reached out to get cybersecurity experts on board. She reached out to a former number three at the FBI, who is currently working with an organization called Crowdstrike.


BRAZILE: Along with our cyber attorney, they provided the FBI with everything that they requested. Remember, we were still using our system --

CARLSON: Oh, but come on now. Come on now.

BRAZILE: Tucker, first of all --

CARLSON: If you think, of course -- so, bottom line is, it's Debbie Wasserman Schultz who made that decision, I think that’s the headline here.

But if you really think that the intelligence service of a foreign government is breaking into your computers in the middle of the campaign, you want actual federal investigators to get to the bottom of it. But you are saying that she stop that.

BRAZILE: No, she did not stop that.

CARLSON: Who did?

BRAZILE: She cooperated. She cooperated. She turned over for everything.

But, Tucker, we were still running a party. We still had our mainframe, you know, being managed, being remediated.

CARLSON: But you could allow the FBI access to that, though.

BRAZILE: Let me just tell you, we spent over $60,000 to provide the FBI, the government, because we wanted their help. Tucker, after I received my FBI brief in August --


BRAZILE: -- do know what I wanted to do? I wanted to go to the Pentagon, I didn't want to go back to the DNC, I wanted somebody to put yellow tape around the DNC. I was scared. We were under attack.


BRAZILE: And, you know, we --


CARLSON: Well, don’t know if we were under attack or not, because federal investigators never had access to your server!

BRAZILE: They had, they had.

If you recall, James Comey --

CARLSON: I do recall --

BRAZILE: -- James Comey was under oath and said that he was able to get everything he needed from the DNC from this credible source.

CARLSON: He doesn’t know that. He doesn't know that because he didn't have access to your servers, he shouldn't have said that.

BRAZILE: But why would we hold onto servers that were filled with malware and spyware?

CARLSON: I don’t know the answer to that. I was hoping to get it from you.

BRAZILE: Well, when I became chair, let me just say this, from August, from the moment I became chair, we cooperated with DHS, FBI, CIA, anyone who would help us, we want to help --

CARLSON: Yes, but not, but not enough to give them your servers. All right.

BRAZILE: -- because our country -- our country -- our country was under attack. It wasn't just the Democratic Party. Our democracy was under attack.


CARLSON: No, look, I mean, we don’t know the answer because Debbie Wasserman Schultz apparently wouldn't turn them over. So, a couple of days ago --

BRAZILE: We turned over the information, though.

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