Steve Schmidt: Is This The Beginning Of The End Of The Republican Party?


Former McCain presidential campaign adviser Steve Schmidt said Tuesday night's electoral losses should prompt one to ask if this is the beginning the end of the Republican of the party. Schmidt appeared on Nicolle Wallace's MSNBC program, who also was an adviser on McCain's 2008 campaign.

Schmidt also said that the world leaders Trump is visiting on his tour across Asia know he is weak due to his low approval ratings. Just over one year ago, right before election night, Schmidt said it was time for Trump to prepare a "dignified" concession speech to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

"He has the lowest approval levels of any president in the history of polling this soon into his term," he said about Trump. "And the third lowest of all time. His weakness is his defining characteristic. Every world leader that he's dealing with in Asia understands how weak he is. Everybody understands how weak he is with the possible exception of the leadership of the Republican party in the Congress."

"And today the Republican party is smaller, the decline to state registrations. The big question, is this the beginning of the end of the Republican party? And I think that's the proposition that's on the table," Schmidt said.

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