Tucker Carlson Rips David Frum: Your Gun Control Proposal Has Been The Law For 21 Years


FOX News host Tucker Carlson knocks David Frum for proposing on Twitter a gun control law that is already on the books: a gun ban for domestic abusers.

Carlson also attached the "stupid or liar" theory to those who think there should be gun control laws while being secured by taxpayer-funded security guards.

Carlson's full commentary on Tuesday's broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight:

TUCKER CARLSON: David Frum of The Atlantic magazine is an unbelievably smart guy, probably one of the smartest people in Washington. Way smarter than you are. So smart he qualifies as a wonk, which is another way of saying David Frum understands policy details, details you never dreamed existed. He's an expert. So naturally, when Devin Kelley murdered 26 people in a Texas church over the weekend, David Frum came forward almost immediately with a tidy solution to mass shootings like this one. Frum shared it as wonks tend to on Twitter: 'Crazy thought: lifetime gun ban for anyone who raises a hand against a woman or a child.'

Wow, that's brilliant! So brilliant that it's been federal law for 21 years. Good job David Frum, though you're a little late to the policy-making party. Under existing statute, Devin Kelley was not allowed to buy the gun he used. Kelley had been convicted of brutally abusing his wife and infant stepson and received a bad conduct discharge from the Air Force for doing it. Even before that, before his conviction, Kelley had escaped from a mental hospital, all of that clearly disqualifying him for purchasing firearms. Unfortunately, incompetent government clerks did not supply that information to the correct federal database. The laws were on the books, the bureaucracy botched it.

So what are the lessons of all of this? That the NRA has too much power? That's what they are telling you on cable news and at Congressional press conferences this week. But wait, Devin Kelley wasn't an NRA member. The armed citizen who stopped him was. He had been trained by the NRA in marksmanship and gun safety, and thank God for that.

So maybe there's another lesson here. At every turn, the people who claim they will protect you failed. They didn't stop Devin Kelley, they let him buy a gun. Instead, the hero of the story is a middle-aged plumber named Stephen Willeford. He ignored basic human instinct and ran towards the sound of gunfire to save people. Willeford, by the way, was armed with an AR-15, that's exactly the sort of rifle we've been told must be banned for our sake to keep us safe. Yet Willeford shot the murderer twice with that rifle and later chased him in a car until Kelley ran off the road. Only after the rampage was over did the police arrive, and by that point Kelley was dead. It's an amazing story, but it's not exceptional.

About 70% of mass shootings and within 5 minutes. The average police response time, by contrast, 11 minutes. And yet for some reason, the usual establishment mouthpieces are still giving us the same stupid instructions in case of emergency. Take cover and call authorities. No thanks. It's pretty clear that doesn't work. Now we're not attacking the police, we are just acknowledging what is obviously true. Cops can't be everywhere. When things fall apart, you are on your own. Your safety is your responsibility. That's the iron law of life, it never changes. So why is the modern left still telling us we have no right to protect ourselves? Why are people who have taxpayer-funded bodyguards demanding that the rest of us disarm immediately? We can speculate about motive, but what's the point? They're either lying or they're stupid, it doesn't matter. Either way, they are wrong, ignore them.

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