Donna Brazile on 2016 DNC Primary: "I Never Used The Word Rigged, I Used The Word Cancer"


Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile discussed her new book, 'Hacked,' on Tuesday's edition of 'The View.' She explained why those saying she wrote that Hillary Clinton "rigged" the 2016 primary are taking her out of context, saying: "I never used the word 'Rigged' in my book... I used the word 'Cancer.' That I was uncomfortable with the cancer that I found when I became [DNC] chair."

DONNA BRAZILE: The poet Maya Angelou said the greatest burden is an untold story. I told this story also because I'm afraid it is still happening. We haven't cleaned up our house. You can't go to Best Buy and get an anti-malware spyware when the Russians are hacking you.

We need a president who will say this must stop, we can't let hacking happen again. Our elections are going to be free and fair from any foreign intervention.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: But you do know that this book is being used against the party--

BRAZILE: Say it.

GOLDBERG: I'm trying to say it.

BRAZILE: Yes, I know.

GOLDBERG: So you know, people are upset. And you know --you understand-- so explain why you didn't realize people would take the idea of Hillary bailing out the party years before, whenever she did it, as something that was bad, and robbed Bernie of his ability to be president. That is the message that is being put out in your name.

BRAZILE: First of all, I never used the word 'Rigged' in my book. I said that -- I used the word 'Cancer.' That I was uncomfortable with the cancer that I found when I became [DNC] chair.

I didn't know how deeply in debt our party was. And when I learned that Hillary was bailing us out... giving us $3.5 million per month to keep us floating, I appreciated that. But what I wanted control over, Whoopi, was, if I raise a dollar, a dollar-fifty, I wanted to spend my money without asking permission.

When Donald Trump said last year, 'What the hell do you have to lose?' It is August 19... What I wanted to do was ... was to fight back.

I knew Donald Trump was doing more than just trying to rattle African-Americans. We had been hacked, so I knew he was playing a game. And I wanted to respond. I had to respond with a column. I wanted to respond with ads, I wanted to respond with poster, more activity across the country.

And that's why I told Bernie: 'I found the cancer. I'm not killing the patient.' I'm not killing my party. Because my party was more than electing the president. It was the Senate, Congress, and let me just say, there were things on the ballot other people didn't see. I saw Obamacare, I saw climate change, a kid growing up in poverty like myself, who wanted a White House and a president who would care for them.

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