Bill Maher to Politically Correct Left: "You Can't Be Madder Than The Victim"


Bill Maher set a 'new rule' for political correctness after he spoke with guest panelist Jeffrey Lord on Friday's broadcast of HBO's Real Time about a sarcastic tweet he made that cost him his job as a contributor at CNN. (Transcript of exchange below.)

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Maher said political correctness has gotten to the point where you thought someone had died after Houston Astros first baseman Yuli Gurriel mocked Japanese Dodgers pitcher Yu Darvish and used his fingers to slant his eyes. Ironically, Darvish took it in stride and was not outraged or even that irritated.

Maher praised Darvish for his response and said the lesson for those who get outrageously outraged at political correctness is "you can't be madder than the victim."

Maher read Darvish's statement: "It's not like I was that irritated by it. He did something he shouldn’t have done. But I wasn’t angry at all. I was told that next day he wanted to speak to me and I communicated to him that it was completely unnecessary"

Lord, a devout Trump supporter, wrote a column for The American Spectator on how liberal media watchdog groups like Media Matters would rewrite the First Amendment and ended it in a tongue in cheek way with "Seig Heil." Essentially, Lord was intimating that they would include the Hitler-era term in their version of the First Amendment.

Fellow guest panelist Christina Bellantoni chimed in to note that there are actual examples of hurtful rhetoric and used President Trump's Twitter as an example which garnered her applause from the audience. She was eventually told by Bill Maher, the host, "let it go."

"There are people who have faced zero consequence for saying a whole lot worse, and I will point to @RealDonaldTrump, which has said a lot of things that violates Twitter's policies... there is that kind of umbrage meter that gets cranked up and is very partisan," a very concerned Bellantoni signaled.

"But let's go after Trump, not this guy," Maher said dismissively.

"Or cool it," a concerned Bellantoni said.

"He's got to go to sensitivity training. I think he got the message. I don't think he was about to march on Charlottesville with the Nazis next year. I just think he's a baseball player. He got excited and he did something stupid. Bad. Let it go." Maher said to Bellantoni, who seemed to fall right in with his rule about getting more mad than the offended.

"Let it go," Lord said. "They don't want to do that, though, that's the problem."

Lord's explanation and Maher's disgust at P.C. outrage:

BILL MAHER: You mentioned what got you first. People are probably wondering if they don't remember. You tweeted 'Seig Heil.'

JEFFREY LORD: I wrote a column about --

MAHER: 'I love Nazis.'


LORD: It was about a group called Media Matters which makes it their business to run around and pressure advertisers to take people off the air -- television, radio.

MAHER: I'm sure they're familiar with me.


LORD: I bet.

MAHER: Absolutely.

LORD: And I had noticed over time -- Alan Dershowitz said they had an anti-Semitism problem. I noticed this in other places. So I mentioned this in the column and speculated how they would rewrite the First Amendment and I put in there, borrowed something from Mussolini, did it that way, and then I said at the end, 'The The American Spectator was unable to confirm' -- the last two words in the graph were 'Seig Heil.'

So, then a couple of days later --

MAHER: This has got to stop. This insane purity police nonsense that you have to go away because you made a little joke.

LORD: And the thing that got me was I knew that when they set up these pressure tactics. I talked to one of the advertisers on The Rush Limbaugh Show. He's not political. He's Jewish and they went after his business, threatened him. Threatened him with his physical safety, you know, attacked his business. I mean this is nuts.

MAHER: Can I bring up this other political correct thing that happened last week... the pitcher for the Dodgers, Yu Darvish... there was a little controversy. He's a little bit my hero this week because the guy on the other team (Houston Astros), Yuli Gurriel, he hit a home run. He was excited, He gets in the dugout. Yu Darvish is from Japan. He did the thing where he held his eyes to look Asian. Which is not cool. No one is condoning it. But I turned on the T.V. I mean no died. You would've think the world had -- he's suspended for 5 games next year. And here's Yu Darvish's statement.

He said: 'It's not like I was that irritated by it. He did something he shouldn’t have done. But I wasn’t angry at all. I was told that next day he wanted to speak to me and I communicated to him that it was completely unnecessary.'

MAHER: Yes! How about that New Rule, snowflakes? You can't be madder than the victim.

LORD: Than the victim, that's right. That's right. Enough. Enough.

MAHER: Not everything has to be a federal case, right?

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