Chuck Todd to DNC Chair Tom Perez: Do Democrats Think All Pickup Truck Drivers Are Racist?


DNC Chair Tom Perez responds to a Republican ad from the Virginia Gubernatorial race which makes the argument that Democrats say all Trump supporters are racist:

CHUCK TODD: Democrats don't like it when Republicans stereotype -- aren't you stereotyping? Are you saying that... all pickup truck drivers are racist? Do you understand why some people think the ad implies that?

TOM PEREZ: Let's be clear about what is happening in Virginia, and in all too many races. Dog-whistle politics.

Steve Bannon just endorsed Ed Gillespie in Virginia this morning.

Throughout this campaign, Ed Gillespie has been fear-mongering. He's doing what Donald Trump did. That is not fair. That is not right.

Virginia, under Ralph Northam's leadership, under Justin Fairfax's leadership, they're looking for a way to unite people.

Ed Gillespie, throughout the campaign, has been trying to divide people. When you hit the bully back, and the bully starts crying, those are crocodile tears to me...

We're going to win in Virginia.

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