Baldwin: Heard The Harvey Weinstein Raped Rose McGowan Rumor "For Decades"


Actor Alec Baldwin said the rumor that Harvey Weinstein raped Rose McGowan were heard "over and over" "for decades" in an interview with PBS NewsHour. However, Baldwin said "it was for Rose McGowan to prosecute that case" since she agreed to a settlement.

"I know that when you talked about Harvey Weinstein in the business, for example, for decades, you knew that he was highly intrusive in the process of making films," Baldwin told PBS reporter Jeffrey Brown. "You know, his nickname was Harvey Scissorhands. And he was very intrusive in the path of the directors who worked for him."

"Number two, you knew that he was a very intense guy and very bullying guy, and was shouting and screaming at people and exhorting them when he didn’t get his way," Baldwin said.

"And, last but not least, you heard the rumor that he raped Rose McGowan," Baldwin revealed. You heard that over and over. We have heard that for decades. And nothing was done... But what happened was that Rose McGowan took a payment of $100,000 and settled her case with him. And it was for Rose McGowan to prosecute that case."

In the interview Baldwin also said innately treating women differently is something he has "certainly done." The actor said he does not fear someone may come forward about his past conduct.

"I certainly have treated women in a very sexist way. I have bullied women. I have overlooked women. I have underestimated women, not as a rule. From time to time, I have done what a lot of men do," Baldwin said at a ceremony for the Paley Center For Media last Thursday.

He was asked to expound on what he meant and to differentiate 'bullying vs. harassment vs. misconduct' by the journalist.

"Well, I mean, bullying in terms of, if I have — you know, if I have an argument with my wife and I raise my voice, that’s bullying," the actor said. " I mean, I’m not involved in any of the sexual harassment claims that are being made in the media now. But in the way that we treat women differently from men in any way... we’re learning. That’s something we’re learning we have to take a long look at and change."

"But do you fear that somebody might come forward, based on past conduct?" Brown asked.

"Who, me?" Baldwin responded. "No. No, no, no, not at all."

"I think all men, all men, during the course of their lives, you included, I think every man treats women differently than they treat men unconsciously," he said. "You don’t mean to. You’re not sitting there going, well, this woman is less than me, her ideas are less valid, this person is less valuable to the process we’re doing."

"We just innately treat women differently, because men have typically been in charge. We — not that we diminish women. We elevate men over women. And I have certainly done that in my life. And that’s something I think needs to change," Baldwin said.

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