Heilemann: Trump "Frustrated" That He Can't "Behave Like An Authoritarian Dictator"


From Friday's Morning Joe on MSNBC:

JOHN HEILEMANN: After acknowledging at least in some notional sense that he understood he's not allowed to do that. He's frustrated by the fact that he can't behave like an authoritarian dictator, he's now getting pretty close to it. Again saying I can't do anything with the Justice Department and the FBI, but making his FBI and Justice Department preferences clear.

Look, he's a master at changing the subject. Right now, in a week in which his campaign chairman has been indicted. There's a lower level campaign aide who has pled guilty. What's happening on the Mueller probe is closing in on him. Being able to throw all of this stuff to go back to one of his most successful campaign rifts at least for his base, 'Crooked Hillary' and throw out an all-encompassing set of charges here is par for the course for him. It's the way he likes to deal with problems when they land in his lap.

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