Sen. Graham: "Trump Understands We Are In A Religious War"


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) speaks about the NYC terrorist attack with FNC's Shannon Bream on FOX News @Night.

"The one thing I like about President Trump, he understands that we are in a religious war. And to the American people, we are fighting people who are compelled by their religious views to kill us all. They kill fellow Muslims who don't agree with their view of Islam. They kill Christians, vegetarians, libertarians, you name it. So, we're in a war," Graham said Tuesday night.

"And for the last eight years, the Obama administration turned the war into a crime. So, I talked with the president tonight. He is right to make that when somebody comes into our country from a place where radical Islam - and that's the enemy - thrives, then we're going to ask extra hard questions," he said.

"This bothers me," Graham said. "For 15 years, I have been trying to tell America that we are at war, you need to fight back, you need to fight back smartly. Obama turned this into a crime. And I am very hopeful that President Trump is going to change the rules of the game, there is a new sheriff in town, and I hope the enemy understands that, under President Trump, there is a new way of doing business and let it start with this guy in New York."

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