Kasich: "Bulk Of The Republican Party" Supports Immigration, Opposes "Nationalism"


Ohio Gov. John Kasich joins 'Fox News Sunday' host Chris Wallace to talk about the direction of the Republican Party in the Trump era:

WALLACE: Well, I'm going to get to specific issues in a moment, but I -- I do want to pursue this question of the philosophy of the Republican Party because Steve Bannon and his supporters say, well, look, sure, Flake and Corker made tough speeches, but they basically -- the bottom line is that they announced that they are quitting, and that there was silence for most other Republicans. So can't one argue that what you call the inward-looking, the populist, nationalist wing of the Republican Party is taking over?

GOV. JOHN KASICH: No, I don't think so. I think the bulk of the Republican Party, and I've been in the Republican Party since I was a college student, is one that believes in the fact that America has a place in the world. You know, Reagan talked about it, advances in humanity. I agree. I think the bulk of the Republican Party does believe that immigration provides energy to our country. I think that the bulk of the Republican Party believes that America is special and has a place in the world at which to advance freedom and free enterprise and all those things.

I think that this move towards nationalism or looking inward, a lot of loud voices, but I don't happen to think it's -- it's the bulk. And we-we will have to see over time. But for those -- that debate, that debate, to some degree, is going to be settled by the demographics in the near future. Maybe not today, not tomorrow, but soon it's going to be decided by that new wave of new thinking by these young people who can bring a lot of energy to the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

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