Corker: Trump "Exhibiting" Kim Jong-un's "Erratic" Tendencies


Senator Bob Corker, R-Tennessee, joins 'Face the Nation' host John Dickerson to talk about Republican tax reform and his criticisms of President Donald Trump.

CORKER: Yes, so, let's face it. Our greatest partner is China. We have a State Department and a secretary of state whose job is to exercise full diplomacy, to keep our men and women in uniform out of harm's way.

Every military leader wants the State Department and our secretary of state to be successful when they do that. When our secretary of state is sitting down with a partner that matters most, China, trying to negotiate something that would resolve and keep us from going into military conflict with North Korea, which brings in South Korea, Japan, China, and Russia, and he's knee-capped by the president, it hurts our nation. It hurts our efforts.

It leads us more fully towards the conflict that most of us would like to see resolved in another way. The tweets that are sent out mocking a leader of another country raises tensions in the region.

And so people are sitting there. They know they have got an erratic leader in North Korea. They have lived with three erratic leaders. Actually, this is the third one. And then, when we start exhibiting some of those same tendencies, it creates an air that leads again, more fully towards conflict, where what we need to be doing is supporting the efforts that Secretary Tillerson and Secretary Mattis, who is involved in this diplomacy, are carrying out.

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