Ben Domenech: Many GOP Senators Would Like To Have A Different Constituency Than The One That Elected Them


Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist, discusses the divide between Republican senators and President Trump on CBS's 'Face The Nation.'

BEN DOMENECH: Republican senators, many of them would like to have a different constituency than the one they actually have -- but you can not dissolve the people and elect another.

Instead, you face a situation where Jeff Flake gave an interview right after he gave his speech, where he said, 'When I came here, I wanted to talk about limited government and free trade, and other things like that.' Well, that's fine, but he also said he didn't want to talk about divisive issues, like these culture war issues that we're talking about.

The electorate wants you to talk about those issues. One of the reasons Donald Trump has succeeded to the degree that he has, in turning the Republican Party into one that is the party of Trump, is because he just wraps his arms around all of these issues.

Flake described those culture war battles as the politics of resentment and grievance, but the fact is the majority of Republican voters around the country do not believe that saying something like NFL players should stand up and respect the flag is not an act of grievance or resentment, they view it as a simple act of patriotism.

That is the reason Trump has prevailed, and people like Flake are on the way out.

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