Rand Paul: Rumors That Democrats Leaked Clinton Emails To WikiLeaks; Russians Were "Their Centrifuge"


On Wednesday's broadcast of FOX & Friends, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) weighed in on Sen. Flake's (R-AZ) decision to retire, Mueller's Russia probe and the 'Trump dossier' that the Clinton campaign bought.

"It amazes me that for a year the Democrats have been whining and whining and whining saying they lost because of the Russians - now it really looks like it was their centrifuge, their ideas, they’re buying this dossier," Paul said. "But also you know there are rumors that the leaks that went to WikiLeaks on all the Clinton emails came from the Democrats as well. So it’s kind of funny, everything they blamed on Republicans it looks like maybe they were the ones responsible for it."

Paul said he, as a 2016 candidate for president, had nothing to do with the Trump dossier that was initially funded by a Republican.

"It wasn’t me, but I don’t know who it was. It might have been one of the other primary candidates – there were 16 of them. All I can say [is] it wasn’t me," Paul said.

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