Gingrich: Breaking Point Will Come When Congress Demands Publication of Clinton Foundation Donations


Newt Gingrich said that everything the average American believes about corruption in Washington is about to be validated in an appearance on Sean Hannity's FOX News Channel show Monday about Clinton involvement with Russia and the Uranium One deal.

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS: Welcome back to "Hannity." Here with reaction to our opening monologue and the new developments in this massive corruption, Uranium One scandal. The author of, now the bestselling book, "Vengeance." Former speaker of the House, Fox News contributor, Newt Gingrich. Mr. Speaker, you know, I know the Clintons have gotten away with an awful lot in their career.

Twenty percent of the foundational material for nuclear weapons. The media has ignored this.

Meanwhile, they've had no evidence, Russia, Russia, Russia. The danger of Vladimir Putin, the danger of Russia. What do you make of all of this?

NEWT GINGRICH, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, I think we are on the edge of the greatest corruption scandal in American history. Bigger than the scandal in the 1920s, about the Teapot Dome, bigger than Grant's presidency in the 1870s. I don't know of any occasion that had the scale of scandal this day. And you see it building. You watch Mueller who I've been very critical of.

But to his credit, he is now following the Podesta family into their relation with foreigners. He is beginning to follow other cases that are very different. I mean, you know, the great irony here, Sean maybe, that the one person who comes out of this totally exonerated as Donald J. Trump and that the people who did all the attacking, you have to ask yourself, think back to this, you are Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. It's election night. You lost. You are john Podesta.

You know that Podesta associates had been doing work for the Russians and the Ukrainians. How do you have the chutzpah to decide that it's the Russians who elected Trump? I mean, why did they have no sense of vulnerability that once they open this, it was just going to get sicker and sicker. And I'll tell you, just mark this for tonight, the breaking point will come when the Congress has the courage to demand that every donation to the Clinton Foundation be published and we learn how tremendous the level of foreign influence buying was and how unbelievable it was and what a threat that is to the American democracy.

HANNITY: It seems that there could be no longer -- now, finally the House and finally the Senate and I'm kind of assuming and interpreting from the Attorney General's comments that an investigation is here. But I think you are right in this sense, I think this is way beyond Trump-Russia collusion. And I don't like investigative creep, I've been very clear about it. I know that now it's about Paul Manafort's financial dealings from long before he was with Trump and the Podesta group. But I can think of a single circumstance ever -- ever -- to give 20 percent of uranium.

Now that we follow the money and now that we see Bill gets double his speaking fee and he wanted to meet with nuclear officials and he met with Putin and in his speech supported the Uranium One deal and his wife had to sign off on this. And then all the Canadians that were involved in the deal kicked back $145 million to the foundation. I'm sorry, Mr. Speaker, this is a sellout, of American national security.

GINGRICH: Oh, yes.

HANNITY: At the highest level.

GINGRICH: Yes. Look, everything the average American is believed about corruption in Washington is about to be validated. Allen Guelzo who was a great historian at Gettysburg College wrote me recently that by the time this is all out, every other presidential scandal in American history will look trivial, that this is the most corrupt, the most unbelievably unlawful administration in American. The Clintons are only a part of this.

Wait until you get to Attorney General Lynch. Wait until you get to her predecessor. Wait until you get to Samantha Powers at the U.N. This is going to keep on rolling and I think we will look back a year or two from now. We are going to be stunned at the dishonesty and bankruptcy of the Obama administration. Of which the, if you will that the apex is the Clinton team and I have a very simple challenge for the Congress. Get all of their donations on the record. When you go to the Canadian Clinton foundation, which did not have to report, very clever legal gimmick, but wrong. You start taking these apart. It's horrendous.

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