Clinton Press Sec: "Would Have Been Campaign Malpractice" If We Didn't Purchase Trump Dossier


Brian Fallon, press secretary for Hillary Clinton's unsuccessful 2016 run for president, said if any of contents of the Trump dossier the campaign bought from Fusion GPS is corroborated and verified by Mueller than it should be important for the public to know. Fallon told CNN's Don Lemon that it would have been "campaign malpractice" if they did not get try to get their hands on the dossier, even if they weren't aware of who authorized it.

"It would be malpractice in my view for the campaign to not to want to turn over every rock and learn everything it could about Donald Trump," Fallon said Tuesday night. "So while I didn't know that that meeting took place (the Clinton campaign's lawfirm acquisition of it) it at the time, I'm glad that Marco and whoever else was aware of it at the time authorized it and went forward with it. And you know, people shouldn't lose sight of the fact that as far back as February of this year, Don, CNN reported and others have subsequently reported that the FBI and Bob Mueller's team have corroborated many key aspects of the dossier. And in my view, if any of this is corroborated Bob Mueller's investigation turns out to be able to verify some of these details and it leads to shoes dropping in this investigation, then I think that's important for the public to know. And to me, there's no shame if the that is correct that the campaign sponsored this."

"There should be no shame that the campaign sponsored this," he said.

Lemon asked why didn't the campaign come clean and acknowledge they bought this dossier.

Fallon said they should have and that not that many people were aware of it.

"When did Hillary Clinton learn about it?" Lemon asked.

"I don't know," the campaign spokesman said.

"Do you wish the campaign had been more transparent?" Lemon asked.

"I'm sure there were reasons why the information was controlled until now," he said.

"We will learn later who funded this [dossier]," Fallon also said.

Fallon also warned Republicans not to get too focused on it because we may find out that it was someone close to the party who came to the finding.

Fallon tweeted Tuesday night that if the dossier does indeed help Mueller in his investigation then it will confirm the campaign's purchase was "money well spent."

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