Gingrich: Trump-Appointed Judges Are On Average Nine Years Younger Than Obama's


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich joins FNC's Maria Bartiromo to discuss her Sunday interview with President Trump and the effectiveness of :

NEWT GINGRICH: In a little while --another year or two-- lots of reasonable people are going to start saying they don't quite like some of his style, but he [Donald Trump] is really effective. I think that is what you and he were talking about... when you look at the tax cuts, which are going to happen, the deregulation, which has been amazingly effective.

You look at the conservative judges: He and McConnell have collaborated, they've had twice as many judges approved so far as Obama got in the same length of time, and they are conservative, and they are on average eight or nine years younger than the Obama judges.

He's shaping the next generation of the judiciary. All these things are happening in a methodical way.

Meanwhile, he's got 57 Sunni countries to come to Riyadh, he's about to go on a trip to Asia. He is a very substantive president in a way that the noise around him, I think sometimes hides.

Regarding the president's failure to fully staff the federal government:

NEWT GINGRICH: The Democrats in the Senate have been remarkably destructive, and I think, unpatriotic in blocking people. We still don't have an ambassador to Spain, in the middle of a period where Spain is in real crisis.

The Senate deserves a lot of people being mad at them.

Second, I think the administration found --unlike Obama, who appointed people who had been college professors or activists-- there have been a lot of people who are really wealthy. And if you are really wealthy, the length of time it takes for you to go through the ethics stuff changes, getting rid of your interests. This has been much longer than it would have been for the Obama team.

This guy wasn't sure he was going to win on election night, so he didn't come into Washington with a whole team. And he's, I think by next January, he'll basically have caught up with himself.

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