Sen. Brown: "Steve Bannon is A White Supremacist"; "The Media Has Not Been Unfair To Trump"


Sen. Sherrod Brown appeared on CNN's State of the Union on Sunday. He called Bannon a white supremacist and said Stephen Miller "appears to be" one too.

"I know that studies have shown that they have their allies sprinkled around the White House….and I just think it's -- it's -- it's I would say it's sad, it's worse than sad, that the president engages in this kind of name calling without the name and dehumanize -- tries to demean people that way and gets in these fights. I just wish he'd apologize say -- he could say, you know, it didn't come out right, I'm sorry it came out that way, of course I respect, and then mention the congresswoman by name and mention the widow by name. It would be a nice touch if the president would once in a while act that way instead of always attack, always attack, always demean the way he does, too often," Brown said on CNN.

"I think the media has not been unfair to Trump," Brown said. I think that Trump has made it a point of attacking the media and calling all of you, Dana, enemies of the people."

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