April Ryan: Trump Needs To Explain Niger Mission, The Longer He Plays This Out The Worse It Will Be


American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent April Ryan called for President Trump to explain the mission in the Republic of Niger that left 4 U.S. troops dead. From Wednesday's edition of CNN Tonight:

DON LEMON, CNN: And he said very simply, do you think you're getting direct answers from the White House, I'm paraphrasing and he said no, I don't think I'm getting direct answers from the White House. Did you disagree with Mark, April, that about the Benghazi comparison?

APRIL RYAN: Well, you know, it's interesting. And without getting political, I've had so many people tell me if it was this person who was president, it would be plainly Benghazi. But this person is not necessarily called that.

I mean, there are definitely calls for an answer. You know, we've even heard that Senator Cory Booker is asking for intelligence on this. I mean, people are wanting to know. I mean, for you to have four American Green Berets who died in Niger who were ambushed...


LEMON: Two of them were Green Berets, by the way.

RYAN: ... did not -- yes, yes, two of them Green Berets, who were ambushed, didn't have enough fire power, the questions about when help came.

I mean, there are a lot of questions. And I mean, it reminds you there are some glimpses of things that have happened in the past, but there needs to be answers to this. And some may need to come from the Oval Office, you know. We made to hear from the president as to what he knows about this, because the longer it's playing out, the worse it seems to be.

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