Pelosi: I Have Promoted Many People, Like Adam Schiff, To Get Them "Ready" To Lead House Democrats


Rep. Nancy Pelosi responds to fellow Rep. Linda Sanchez, who recently said "it's time to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders" among House Democrats. Via ABC's 'This Week.'

Pelosi says that while it is "up to the caucus" to select its next leader, she does not plan to go anywhere. In the event that she does, however, she suggests picking "Adam Schiff," the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, "and the rest, people I [Pelosi] have promoted in the party, getting them ready."

PELOSI: Well, I think we do have a great array of talent. And I have promoted it all along the way. I think when you see some of the people who represent the House Democrats, like Adam Schiff and the rest, people I have promoted in the party, getting them ready. It's up to the caucus to select its next leaderships. I enjoy the support of my caucus.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And you're not going anywhere?

PELOSI: Well, I'm here -- the Affordable Care Act, as you know, is very important to me. And I -- when the president became president, I saw the threat to it, I said I've got stay to take care of the Affordable Care Act. And that's my fight. That's my mission.

But also, to have women, women at the table, at the leadership table. I'm here to fight for our -- our better deal, better jobs, better pay, better future for the American people. I think that the biggest evidence for lack of experience in a job is the president of the United States. So -- I fully intend to make on the basis of my knowledge, my legislative -- I think I'm a great legislator. I know the budget. And I don't believe that I have -- self-promotion is a terrible thing, but clearly, somebody has to do it.

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