Rep. Gohmert on Awan Scandal: "Hundreds Of Potential Federal Charges Here"


On Thursday's edition of 'Fox & Friends,' Rep. Louie Gohmert commented on the ongoing scandal involving Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz's former staffer Imran Awan

REP. LOUIS GOHMERT: Well, the people we asked to show up came because we can’t compel the FBI or somebody like that to come at a gathering like this was because it was not a formal hearing...

We were just, you know, wanting to gather information and hopefully, our leadership would become more interested because this is serious stuff. It turns out that not only was he often operating computers remotely. We found out that [Xavier] Becerra, Congressman Becerra, now attorney general out in California, that there were 5,400 at least unauthorized accesses to his computer. And it turns out the Awans had loaded different congress members’ iClouds and servers onto one so that anybody could access it without authorization. It’s terribly incredible. There are hundreds of potential federal charges here.

Via Breitbart

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