Charlie Hurt: Trump "Trolling," Rattling The Cage With Threat About Licenses For News Channels


Columnist Charlie Hurt appeared on Wednesday's Fox News Tonight after President Trump slammed NBC for "fake news" and tweeted that licenses for "partisan, distorted" news channels "must be challenged."

"I think he's what they call trolling," Hurt said. "I think he's kind of messing with them, king of jingling a stick in their cage to get them freaked out and of course they are completely freaking out. It's something that we have seen from him a lot."

"I think he also has a very good point," the Washington Times opinion editor said. "What we've seen from places like NBC, other places. These stories that are completely refuted by all kinds of people inside the administration. People that have impeccable reputations completely refuted and they just go with it because it's an anti-Trump thing."

"I feel like I've seen it in the past year, two years, around here in Washington, if it's an anti-Trump story, there's no vetting required. They'll just run with it and this is just another example of that," Hurt said.

Trump tweet:

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