Trump: NBC Prints "A Lot Of Fake News Lately"


President Trump commented on an NBC News report that he asked military leaders about increasing the U.S. military arsenal by "ten times." He called the report "fake news" and said that NBC has been publishing a lot of false stories lately. NBC also reported recently that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called the president a "moron" after he made that comment about nuclear weapons.

DONALD TRUMP: No I never discussed increasing it -- I wanted it in perfect shape. That's just fake news from NBC, which gives a lot of fake news lately. I just discussed -- I think somebody said I want ten times the nuclear weapons that we have right now. Right now we have so many nuclear weapons. I want them in perfect condition, perfect shape. That is all I ever discussed. General Mattis put out a statement, or is putting out a statement, saying that it was fake news. That it was just mentioned that way.

It is frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write. People should look into it. I want to have absolutely perfectly maintained... nuclear force. But when they said I want ten times what we have right now. It is totally unnecessary because I know what we have right now... We won't need an increase, but I want modernization and total rehabilitation. It has got to be in tip-top shape.

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