Tom Friedman: Tillerson Is "Worst Secretary Of State" Working For "Worst Foreign Policy President" During "Worst Time" In Post-War Era


New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman discusses North Korea, why he says the nation is homicidal and not suicidal and what he thinks about Trump's rhetoric regarding North Korea and Bob Corker.

TOM FRIEDMAN: I look at the whole Rex Tillerson affair… I think he’s the weakest secretary of state we’ve had in the post-war area. He’s working for the worst foreign policy president in the post-war era, and in fairness to both of them, at the worst time to conduct foreign policy in the post-war era. Yet I say of Tillerson, ‘god I hope he doesn’t leave.’ We do know he had the courage to call this guy out as a moron and we do know at least he has instincts more in line with a sobriety than who knows the next person the president could bring in.

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