Newt Gingrich: Smug And "Morally Superior" Leftists "Are The People Orwell Wrote 1984 About"


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich comments on how the Harvey Weinstein scandal exemplifies how the left is losing the moral high ground in the culture war:

NEWT GINGRICH: If Hillary [Clinton] had won, [Weinstein] would not be a story -- they would have smothered it because it so directly brings up Bill and Hillary.

And so, in that sense, this is a story that could only emerge when we have someone new in the White House.

In the old days, people like Weinstein --and this would make an amazing movie or novel-- people like Weinstein, it is not just him. There are people who have the power to go to various news publications, and the various women's publications and say they can get a star to be on the cover of your magazine. 'You really want to pick a fight with me?'

With the democratization of media, there are too many small people out there to bribe...

They're willing to report this, and they can't do anything to them. This is part of an ongoing process, now we are about to see Hollywood come apart at the seams. Just as we've seen Silicon Valley come apart at the seams. All of a sudden, it becomes inappropriate for economic power to coerce, blackmail, and bribe people who it has been exploiting...

What gets to people like you and me, and most of our audience is that the Left is determined to say that they are morally superior. And that is what makes their -- they have to come in and say, whatever the topic is, you're a bad person. Not just you disagree because you're a conservative, but you're a bad person. They come up with all these nasty big terms.

I just saw a study that among the next generation of college professors, people under 35 today, are 12-1 Democrats. 12-1! That says to me that the campuses are gone. These are all people who walk around claiming to be morally superior, because [we] don't believe what they believe.

HANNITY: Do you think these people, deep down in their hearts, know how hypocritical they are?

GINGRICH: No. That is what is frightening. These people are totalitarians. These are the people that Orwell wrote 1984 about. These are people who believe sincerely in their right to crush you...

What drives us crazy is-- and candidly, one of the things that saved Bill Clinton is he knew he was a hypocrite, and he was kind of cheerful about it. It was the people around him who weren't...

He had this country boy, 'Aww Shucks' attitude. That is not what these people are. These people are people who would destroy you, not just you Sean Hannity. Any conservative. Anyone on a college campus who speaks inappropriately.

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