Brian Williams: Does Trump Want "Validation" Like Kim Jong-Un?; Kristof: Both Are "Insecure"


Brian Williams interviewed New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof about the possibility of war with North Korea his late night MSNBC show Tuesday night. Williams asked if our own President Trump is in need of "validation" like current North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and his father Kim Jong-il. Kristof said Trump is more like Kim Jong-un because they are both "insecure" and are "prone to immediately escalate."

"There is part of the North Korean psyche in that of Kim Jong-un and his father before him that craved validation. The verbiage from President Trump, some of it on a daily basis, does that equal validation?" MSNBC's Williams asked.

"So, I mean I think that -- it sounds strange to say this, but I think there is actually some parallel at this point in that I think both President Trump and Kim Jong-un are somewhat insecure and prone to immediately escalate," NYT's Kristof said. "And when you have two leaders who are both prone to escalate and both have nuclear weapons, then that creates an enormously dangerous dynamic, and rather than being intimidated -- each side is trying to intimidate the other and each side is escalating."

Earlier on Tuesday, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle said Senator Lindsey Graham tweeting Trump's golf score is "Kim Jong-un kind of antics."

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