Sharpton On ESPN's Jemele Hill Suspension: "We Will Not Stand For This," "We Will Not Be Shut Down"


On Monday Al Sharpton told TMZ that ESPN's suspension of SportsCenter host Jemele Hill for tweets calling for a boycott against Dallas Cowboys because owner Jerry Jones now requires players to stand for the national anthem.

"First of all, Jemele Hill and anyone else has the right to express their views," Sharpton told TMZ Sports. "To try and silence her will not silence many of us that feel what Jerry Jones has done is put the Cowboys players in a position of either I must sell my right to express my feelings, my freedom of speech, my right to protest in order to do my trade and do my business. That is, in my opinion, disrespecting what the flag is supposed to stand for."

"We will not be shut down and we will not be suspended and we will not stand for her to be suspended," he added.

In a statement, ESPN said Hill violated the networks "social media guidelines."

(via Breitbart)

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