Joy Reid: Nobody Is Defending Harvey Weinstein; Focus On Trump's Sexual Misconduct


On the Sunday edition of her MSNBC show, Joy Reid denounced the "both sides" argument when it comes to the sexual assault allegations against longtime Democratic donor and movie producer Harvey Weinstein. Reid said, "literally no one is defending him," while liberal commentator Lizz Winstead noted former President Obama and Hillary Clinton have not denounced Weinstein, a donor to both politicians.

Reid confessed she has never heard of Weinstein being a big political donor and said the story is more about powerful men abusing women.

"There is this sort of tic in media to do a both sides narrative and to presume that both sides behave the same way and to presume that somehow Democrats have to answer for Harvey Weinstein when literally no one is defending him, when literally on the other side they are all defending and covering for Donald Trump despite this," Reid said.

Reid instead decided to focus her segment on women who have accused President Trump of sexual misconduct.

"He's been accused by all of these women, this was before he was elected. No one is asking that every single Republican who has been defending Donald Trump go through and answer for that," Reid said.

"There hasn't been a wholesale movement against people like Donald Trump and their behavior," Reid said.

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