YouTuber Candace Owens (Red Pill Black): How I Discovered The World Of Gaslighting "Journalist-Hitmen"


Must watch: Candace Owens (who goes by the name Red Pill Black on YouTube) joins Dave Rubin on 'The Rubin Report' to discuss how she became a victim of the people who claimed to be the victims of the "Gamer-Gate" scandal, how the "journalist-hitmen" in the mainstream media rushed to attack her, and how the experience triggered her journey to a political awakening.

Owens' story began last year when she founded an anti-bullying start-up on Kickstarter:

CANDACE OWENS: I'm just a girl who makes videos...

I went to school at the University of Rhode Island and pursued a degree in journalism, which is a little bit ironic.

DAVE RUBIN: Whoa! Someone who studied journalism who is trying to tell the truth! This is fascinating.

CANDACE OWENS: After college, I was in a lot of student loan debt --I came from a family that doesn't have any money whatsoever. I had to just pay it back, so the smartest move for me was to go into finance. I hit the ground running in New York City for four years. I left that firm and wanted to do my own anti-bullying start-up thing, which went really sideways when the left tried to do hit pieces on me during the election.

That was my red pill moment.

RUBIN: Wait, how did doing an anti-bullying thing get you caught up with the left?

CANDACE OWENS: I don't know if many people who watch this show are familiar with the Gamergate scandal --I certainly wasn't...

Long story short, that whole scandal is built around a girl named Zoe Quinn, who says she was attacked by anonymous white men on the internet. And people were saying that wasn't true --she said that it was.

RUBIN: If they're anonymous, how did she know their skin color?

CANDACE OWENS: I don't know! It is fascinating.

So I was doing this anti-bullying start-up that I was really passionate about, and I got a phone call from [Zoe Quinn] after I put up a three-minute video on Kickstarter teasing what we were going to do. I said this one sentence that was a figure of speech, that I think set their alarms off.

What I said was: "We're going to be lifting the masks off of trolls."

At the time she was working for Twitter... and I immediately received an inbox from her on Twitter saying she'd like to talk to me and try to convince me that the project I was doing was bad --which is very interesting.

So she calls me up --I have no idea who she is, I have no idea what Gamer-gate is, I don't know what doxxing means-- and she says I have to pull my project because people actually don't want to find out who harassed them. She said she was a victim, but she doesn't want to ever know who harassed her on the internet. She was basically arguing a point that wouldn't make sense if she was actually harassed on the internet...

I told her I appreciated the phone call but this doesn't really make sense to me...

She should have been on board with what I'm doing. I told her I'm not going to pull down my Kickstarter --and she started crying. She said, "If you don't, it is going to ruin everything."

She told me that she spends time on 4chan because of what she does, and she saw that people were already talking about my project, and if I didn't pull it, "They" --these anonymous white men and Trump supporters, remember, this was during the election cycle-- were going to come after me and doxx my family... so people could try to kill them.

DAVE RUBIN: So she said this is what "They" would try to do?


She thought I was a total moron.

So I told her I'm not pulling my project and she hangs up the phone crying.

Within two hours, we were absolutely inundated with about 4,000 emails via Kickstarter, saying: "N*gger n*gger n*gger, die die die, pull your project."

They all had these super obvious screen-names like "Trump-Or-Die," "Trump2020," "White Man Behind Computer." They were all men, by the way. Dave@, Bob@, no women, and magically everything she tried to warn me about came true within a couple of hours of me refusing to pull my project.

So, I tweeted, very quickly, not really knowing the bread and butter of the Gamer-gate scandal: 100%, after speaking with Zoe Quinn, this girl was never harassed, she is doing the harassing.

The next morning I woke up and The Guardian, the Washington Post, and New York Magazine were all calling me.

I was a nobody with a Kickstarter that was three minutes long. Kickstarter pulled my project, and the next day [I'm getting calls from] big media --in my head, as a journalism major, I'm thinking, "Washington Post, amazing!"

At that point, I considered myself a liberal Democrat, and I was like: "Great, I'm going to talk to them and tell them about this girl, and they're going to write the piece."

DAVE RUBIN: I have a bad feeling where this is about to go...

CANDACE OWENS: Completely sideways. I spoke to this guy... who works for New York Magazine.

DAVE RUBIN: He is not a fan of mine.

CANDACE OWENS: He is a "journalist." A "journalist-hitman," as I like to call them.

He says he saw my tweet and wanted to speak to me about what happened. He was super nice, and I told him everything. [I told him how] Zoe called me up -- it was an open and shut case -- obviously, she told me to pull the project, I didn't, and then I got harassed.

Instead, he writes this article with a tone essentially trying to gaslight me. "She seemed like a nice girl but she got dragged into this conspiracy theory. Zoe actually is a girl who was harassed."

At that point, I realized, oh my God, the media is going to try to kill my project and these journalists are absolutely lying. So when the Washington Post called me, I had the good sense to actually record it. I just turned on my camera... and this girl [Washington Post reporter] was so obvious. She was asking me questions trying to figure out who was funding us. Her role was to cut off my funding. Cut off the legs... so I could never see the light of day. She started calling around, so I actually got a tip that she had already written an article and she was going to try to smear me. I went back and forth with the WP, I caught her in a lie on the phone, and they pulled the article at the last second, and told me I wasn't important enough to write about anyway when I threatened to sue them.

The Kickstarter video which triggered the attack:

The conversation continues, moving on to the political significance of her experience:

DAVE RUBIN: I love that you said they are like "hitmen," not journalists. I've been saying they are activists, not journalists, but they are hit-men. There are so many examples of this. That guy you mentioned --his name is not worth repeating-- has attacked me on Twitter for nonsense.

They're not even pretending [to be journalists].

CANDACE OWENS: Their higher-ups definitely know about it. They are hired to take people out, and to take businesses out that could threaten them for some reason. My threat is that they actually thought I had created a technology that was going to unmask trolls.

DAVE RUBIN: That is incredible. Incredible.

CANDACE OWENS: Imagine what that could have done during the election -- Hillary Clinton had "millions of followers," on Twitter. What if I created something that said, no, actually that is all coming from one person who created all these accounts, she is actually not winning the election.

What if I found out the person on Twitter who was writing to Black Lives Matter, "n*gger n*gger n*gger, die die die," was actually someone who worked with Hillary's campaign to create this environment?

So they were actually terrified that I had created something that was going to "ruin everything."

DAVE RUBIN: So wait a minute -- did you actually create this?


If they had actually done their job as journalists and asked me questions about what I created, they would have left me alone.

Kickstarter pulled the project without giving any reason --an anti-bullying project. Could you do anything more innocent, more PG than anti-bullying?


It was nothing but a splash page at that point.

DAVE RUBIN: Hearing all this it sounds, just, incredible. But I have actually been a part of this kind of stuff. I have sat across from people like Bret Weinstein, people who have been through this monster. This dishonest media, the craziness online.

So this is all happening. When did you start piecing it together?

CANDACE OWENS: Instantly. The second the Washington Post called me... trying to cut off the legs of the funding-- I had to go back and re-watch the Kickstarter and figure out what I said to set this off.

I realized it was that one line -- they thought I actually was going to ruin everything.

I pieced it all together instantly and realized that my friends were my enemies, my enemies were my friends.

The only people who covered the story extensively and accurately were the "white nationalists" at Breitbart. Fascinating right? These evil alt-right racists covered a black girl who was trying to do a tech startup being attacked by the media.

Below, see a sample of Candace's work on YouTube:

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