Spike Lee: Trump Called On NFL "Plantation Owners" To Control Their Players


Filmmaker and activist Spike Lee said Trump supporters "will be on the wrong side of history" on CNN Wednesday night:

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN: The other criticism I heard from some supporters of the president on our program the other night was that a lot of the players now is they weren't doing it when Colin Kaepernick was doing it. He was pretty much out of in the wilderness for a long time. He's paid a price. But now they are doing this because it is against the president. Do you think it is an anti-Trump sentiment that is making some players lock arms?

SPIKE LEE, FILMMAKER: No, I think it is a combination of both things. And when he says -- he was really telling the owners like owners are the plantation owners and the guys playing in the league you know they're on the plantation, you can't say anything. And so the thing is really escalated. And then I get back to it, when you talk about somebody's mother, that's a no-no. And he has not apologized...

Did he talk about the mothers of the neo-Nazis, the alt-right? The KKK, those guys, the crazy people in Charlottesville?

COOPER: He said they were some very fine people.

LEE: Of course. Their mothers weren't SOBs.

Watch the full interview, via CNN:

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