GOP Sen. Kennedy: "I'm Tired Of Screwing Around" On Tax Reform, We Made Promises


Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) talked to Stuart Varney about tax reform Wednesday on the FOX Business Network.

SEN. KENNEDY: We better. Now, I’m not ever going to tell my colleagues how to vote, they should vote their conscious and they should follow their heart but they ought to take their brain with them. We promised this to the American people. We have failed twice on healthcare which I am very disappointed in. There is no margin of error here, the economy needs it and frankly our political party needs it. We need to do tax reform. We need to do it by November, we need to make it retroactive to the first of the year, we need to work nights, we need to work weekends, we need to do whatever it takes. I’m frustrated. I’m tired of screwing around, Stuart. We made a lot of promises to the American people and by God we need to deliver.

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